Tuesday, 1 January 2013

This makes me mad, you too?: 2013 Resolutions

This makes me mad, you too?: 2013 Resolutions: At this time of year, people resolve to do or not do, certain things.  Here are my non-personal ones. I will try not to wonder why a Con...

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Saturday, 3 March 2012

This makes me mad, you too?: Euro Fraud and Danger - Germans and Dutch beware!

This makes me mad, you too?: Euro Fraud and Danger - Germans and Dutch beware!: The European Central Bank (honestly, that's what they arrogantly call it!) is flooding the wholesale money market with loans at low rates. ...

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This makes me mad, you too?: Privatising the English police

This makes me mad, you too?: Privatising the English police: Expect the usual clap-trap from the Left and anti-business lobby to the proposals that are being tendered and implemented surrounding the '...

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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Union's Greed

Len McCluskey, of Unite, told the Guardian that civil disobedience could be timed to disrupt the 2012 Games.

Now, this is completely irresponsible, as it would be disrupting one of the greatest sporting events this country has seen in years. It is completely ridiculous for someone to suggest something like this. It would not only damage Unite's reputation and the workers reputation but it would be detrimental to how the world views the UK. It would ruin chances of us ever hosting the world cup or hosting massive international sporting events ever again.
This selfish attitude of the unions is part of the problem with the UK. Always pushing for more and more benefits for its workers with no improvement in the service that we (the public) receive. Taking more and more and insisting they deserve it, well with actions like this you deserve nothing.

From the BBC
"At a time when we can showcase to the world that we are positively and optimistically putting on this fantastic event, he wants to bring people out on the streets."
The Liberal Democrat leader said to "mess up the Olympics to prove a point" would be bad for the country and called on Labour leader Ed Miliband to "rein in" Mr McCluskey, whose union is Labour's largest donor.
And Mr Cameron also told MPs that Labour "need to condemn this utterly and start turning back the money" from Unite.
Conservative co-chairman Baroness Warsi agreed, calling the comments "an appalling display of naked self-interest".
"It is disgraceful for a trade union boss to be calling for mass disruption when the eyes of the world will be on Britain," she told the BBC

Len McCluskey further went to say that the cuts are too deep and that everyone who comes to watch the games should be aware of the strife that the public sector workers are facing.

Well I don't think they should at all. Why should the rest of the world be made to suffer for what the politicians of this country have done to it? By that I mean over spending so much that we have a deficit over 900 billion pounds. By that I mean creating a system where it pays to be lazy and to not work as hard as you can. And finally by that I mean creating a culture where it is okay to be greedy and selfish, and take everything you can but then still complain at the state the country is in.

I am fed up of hearing the unions complain. The private sector is taking cuts as well. Workers in the private sector are having their pay froze and being kicked out of their jobs. Stop acting like your suffering is so dire.

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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Indiscriminate Apathy: Legalise it

Indiscriminate Apathy: Legalise it: And by 'it' I mean everything. I don't partake. I know some that do. My main issue with drugs being illegal is the idea that nanny shoul...

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